We work with you to build your station/podcast’s identity to stand out from the competition!



Affordable radio station imaging. We’re perfect for Internet, Low Power, Educational Stations, and Podcasts. Over 20 years of experience. We’ll work with you until you are satisfied with what you get. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Affordable Radio Imaging doesn’t mean a lack of customer service!

Holiday Displays

Part of displays since 2006. Has been called “The Voice of Christmas” Anytime you do a holiday display, take it to the next level. Add professional voiceovers. You use an FM transmitter so folks can listen from their vehicles, so why not make it sound like a real radio station?

Customized Sequences w/Voiceover

We’ve teamed up with BF Light Shows to step it up even more! customized for your display! Custom Sequences and professional voiceovers.

Let us bring your Radio Station/Podcast/Holiday Display to life!