Custom Sequences with Voiceovers

Just in time for your holiday shows, Demented Elf Productions and BF Light Shows are teaming up to bring you customized sequences for your display. The display voiceovers by The Demented Elf and the sequencing of BF Light Shows, will take your display up to the next level. Imagine a sequenced greeting to your guests to open the display‚Ķ.a charity announcement that will really be noticed. Order Halloween now and watch for Christmas! For information contact BF Light Shows at [email protected] or dementedelfproductions@gmail.

Package 1 Has 3 sequences to it Open, Close, then either Neighbors or Charity $125.00

Package 2 Individual Sequences Can be Open, Close, Charity etc…. $50 each

If you have any questions please contact The Demented Elf dementedelfproductions@gmail or BF Light Shows [email protected].