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Two For Package…

Just need a couple of sweepers for your exisiting rotation?

2 fully produced Sweepers

Satisfaction Guaranteed



Basic Package…

You may only need a few Station ID’s, so this package is just for you.

5 Fully Produced ID’s

Station Specific

made to your specifications


Starter Package…

For those looking for a station makeover, or for start ups.

20 Fully Produced Sweepers

20 Dry Sweepers

4 Custom Program Intros

We go until you are Satisfied


The Refresher Package…

An affordable way to refresh your current imaging.

10 Fully Produced Sweepers

10 Dry Sweepers

Revise until you are satisfied


Monthly Refresher Package…

8 Produced Sweepers Per Month

Great For Promotions

Use For Seasonal and Holidays


Pro Monthly…

15 Fully Produced Sweepers Per Month

15 Dry Sweepers

Sweepers For Holiday and Season

News, Weather, Traffic Beds As Needed

Custom Program Intros


Silver Package…

Perfect For One Hour Shows Or Podcasts

2 Different Intros

2 Different Re-intros

1 Show Outro


Gold Package…

Great For talks Shows and Podcasts

2 Different Show Intros

6 Different Show Re-intros

2 Different Show Outros