Holiday Displays

Dementedelf Productions Since 2006. Has been called “The Voice of Christmas



Taking displays to the next level since 2006. Let your visitors think an FM station is broadcasting your display, or let neighbors know you are watching out for them with special announcements.  Whatever you need we can handle it.  To Order just click on the dollar amount.  

So, what are voiceovers? How do you use them?  They are used to communicate with your viewers and to add some extra entertainment. You want them to donate to a charity, or not block a neighbor’s driveway.  Here are a few links to how other customers have used them in their displays.

(54) 2022 Christmas Video – YouTube  Welcome

(54) 2022 Lights on Juniper- Intro – YouTube 

(54) 2022- Lights on Juniper- Blue Christmas – YouTube A Blue Christmas

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas on how you can use them. If you have any question please contact us.

Voiceover Package #1 Is my minimum charge of $15. Let me know what you need and if I can cover it under my minimum I will. If not, we will put together something just for you.

Voiceover Package #2 will be the basic announcements; Open, Close, Be Kind To the Neighbors, Charity or Special Announcement you might need. These can be with or without music beds. You supply the scripts.  $35.00

Voiceover Package #3 is the package that will give you the most for your money. Your visitors will think you have your own radio station. It will have the standard Open, Close, Be Kind, plus any special announcements you may need for your display. Charity, parking, special promotions. You’ll get at least 10 fully produced voiceovers. Again, you can supply scripts, or I can supply them. $40.00

Package #4 Bringing back The Demented Elf Radio Network (D.E.R.N.)  For those that play Christmas music when your display isn’t running, why not make it sound like you have a real radio station?  (D.E.R.N.) will make it sound like you have your own “DJ” with Christmas trivia, facts, and info. There are a total of 15 hours. Each hour has 4 different “DJ” breaks so you can mix and match however you want. Plus, each order will include sweepers to be played between songs too. There will also be a clock to show how to place everything. Each hour is $10 or all 15 for $125. To order individual hours please email me ([email protected]

To order all 15 hours just click the amount. $125

D.E.R.N. Sample……



I really appreciate you letting me be a part of your displays!